Set Spa Pure Aroma Essential Oil Fragrance Aromatherapy isi 12 Pcs 3ml




1 Pack isi 12 Pcs 3ml

Lavender: fresh flowers, help sleep, make people calm, prompting metabolism, and bactericidal anti-inflammatory effect.

Rose: appease, soothe the nerves.

Jasmine: antidepressant, cheerful, relaxed mood.

Sandalwood: woody fragrance lasting mellow, calm nerves, I mellow alcohol.

Osmanthus: sweet, mellow flavor, gives rise to a better association.

Ocean: collecting marine algae, bringing fresh sea air, emotional stability.

Lily: to create a warm and peaceful atmosphere and emotional balance.

Violet: anti-cold, anti-fatigue, the brain is in a relaxed state.

Lemon: When feeling tired conversion, refreshing, anti-rheumatism and neuralgia, will help improve the body resistance.

Green Tea: balance hormones and sebum, the skin moist and smooth action.

Strawberry: fresh breath, moist throat, helps digestion.

Rosemary: the role of refreshing, enhance memory, for colds have the effect of slowing down.