Magnet Super Neodymium Isi 50 Coin Round Cylinder Bulat NdFeB 8x8x1mm




magnet kecil mini tapi sangat kuat biasanya di pakai untuk tutup tas elektronik dll

isi 50 pcs
Magnet Neodymium
Sizei 8 x 8 x 1 mm
Shape: Disc
Size: 8mm x 1mm
Material: NdFeB Magnets
Grade: N35
Max Working Temperature: 80°C/176°F
Tolerance: 0-0.1mm
Plating: Nickel + Copper + Nickel Triple Layer Plated
Package: 50Pcs/Lot

1: Neodymium magnet is extremely powerful, pls take care of your fingers or other body parts to avoid injured between 2 pieces big magnet;
2: Neodymium magnet is very fragile & easy damaged, pls handle gently;
3: The max operating temperature is 80°C/176°F. AUTO-DRAFTAUTO-DRAFTAUTO-DRAFT