Adapter Colokan USB 3in1 Mobil Cas Car Charger Hp Android Iphone 3Slot – Random




WArna : Sesuai Variasi

Adaptor Mobil (Car Saver) 3output 5.1A
(tanpa kabel)
3Output total 5.1Ampere:
– 2.1A
– 2A
– 1A
(tentu tidak real ya harga aja segini anggap aja 1Ampere smua)

Feature :
1. USB port : 3 ports.
2. Output : 5V / 4.8A
3. Input : 12V – 24V.
4. Material : ABS+PC shell, PCBA board, IC intelligent indentification, overcurrent protection, stainless steel nickel-plated pin plug.
5. Aluminium alloy metal decorative ring.
6. Comply with ROHS environmental requirements, through CE certification.
7. Compatibility : Suitable for all kinds of portable equipment in-car used. Can be used to charge Galaxy Tab Ipad Blackberry Samsung iPhone mobile Phone etc. AUTO-DRAFTAUTO-DRAFT