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Universal Non Slip Manual Car Pedal Cover Set Aluminum PVC Brake Clutch Accelerator Anti Slip Pad set 3pcs

Product Details:
1) Install the manual gears brakes, clutch, fuel the location of the pedals.
2) Special non-slip designed surface. Use a high degree of intensity of production, variety of surface color
3) Safe for driving and reduce foot fatigue. Increase foot area, enhanced security control performance.
4) For a variety of models.
5) Aluminum & Strong PVC (Hard plastic).
6) Beautiful appearance, reliable quality.

This is a set of 3 non-slip pedal pads.
Material: PVC/Aluminum
Color: Red

Size Approx:
15cmX 7cm for accelerator pedal pad
9cm X 6.7cm for brake pedal pad
9cm X 6.7cm for clutch pedal pad

1. Fit straps with screw and nut on each pedal pad.
2. Fit straps with screws and nuts on each pedal pad. Then place the pedal pad in the right position to fold the straps around the
original pedal
3. Now fold the straps tight around the original pedals. Use the pliers sand rags to fix the straps real tight so they cannot move anymore
4. Check if straps can be folded around the pedals.

Package include:
1Set(3pcs) Non Slip Manual Transmission Car Pedal Covers